Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Woman Splitting Fish

I really really like this photograph of a woman splitting fish. It is so amazing to see that my family and I still do this today! My mother and father, along with my grandparents from both sides, split fish every summer. My mother is the main fish splitter, while my father and brother go out to catch the fish in Igushik, a fish camp 2 hours away from the village of Manokotak. I really enjoyed this picture the first time I saw it. The lady is using a head scarf, usually called 'plaatuuks' in Yup'ik. My mom uses them when she splits fish. My Gomallii uses hers when she makes fried bread, and she makes us use them too if we are going to help her. They are used to prevent hair from getting in the way.

This photo was taken in Naknek, Alaska in Bristol Bay Alaska. I am very fond of this because Naknek is in my region. The woman 'seking' or splitting the fish looks as if she has been slpitting non-stop for a while, considering the loads of fish hanging behind her. The Native Way of Life is pure awesome! Quyana:)